Following core values guide the way we engage with our customers and we have put processes in place to measure how we comply with our core values from an operational standpoint.

  • Clients for Life
  • Passion for excellence in whatever we do
  • Leadership by example
  • Integrity and transparency
  • Fairness
  • Having Fun while doing all of the above

We have internal balance score cards to measure each of the above values after soliciting relevant feedback from both customers and employees. For example, Clients for Life starts even before we have a customer. There are carefully targeted customers we pursue by working with leaders in the business segment in which they operate. One of the criteria we use in the process of engaging with a prospect before it can become a client is to evaluate whether or not our core purposes and value systems are in sync. We never hesitate to walk away from an opportunity where there is a fundamental mismatch at an early stage. At some point, once we are actually engaged with the customer contractually, we initiate processes which are customer centric. The customer now takes the center stage and ensuring they are successful becomes our core purpose. We have internal World Class Account Management methodologies to understand our customers’ value chain and their competitive positioning in the current market place. Michael Porter’s Competitive Strategy and Competitive Positioning models are used extensively for this purpose. We also factor in micro and macro economic factors to obtain a more aerial or global view of where the entire business is headed. We do a ‘SWOT’ analysis of our client’s business and attempt to understand their requirements completely. We see how the technology solutions we offer align with our customer’s business goals and our customer’s business goals become our goals - our entire organization then begins to focus only on the mutual goals. While we are extremely flexible in working with our customer’s priorities and needs, we also see ourselves as a valued advisor to our customers. Should we see a customer making technology decisions that might be detrimental to their own good, we are certain to make recommendations that would bring about a more optimal end result? We build prototypes to demonstrate short term success to our customers and gain their confidence by showing early value. Once customers see the value, in most cases, our observation has been that they do indeed implement our recommendations as part of their long term strategy. We constantly strive to excel at every stage of our client engagements with a primary objective of introducing both tangible and intangible benefits to our targeted customer base.