Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility

Mobile applications are a rapidly developing segment of the global mobile market. They consist of software that runs on a mobile device and perform certain tasks for the user of mobile phone. Also known as downloadable, mobile apps are common on most phones, including inexpensive, entry level models. Their wide use is due to many functions they perform, including providing user interfaces for basic telephony and messaging services, as well as advanced services like ERP and BI Mobile applications are often custom coded apps specific to the underlying mobile operating system.

For example, the iPhone apps require coding in Objective-C while Android apps require coding in Java. In addition to the user functionality of the app, the app must be coded to work with the supporting server infrastructure required to serve data to the mobile apps At Marevol we make it our business to understand yours. Once we understand exactly what you need from your computer system and its mobile utilities —and from us—we work with you to design and install a mobile solution tailored to suit your needs. We offer multiple levels of service, according to your needs. Our consultants/partners can design, install and service your technology; or we can walk your current staff through the roll-out and get out of their way. Once your new technology is running, we can support the mobile technologies for you or train your current IT Professionals to handle them internally.

If you want to deploy new mobile technologies, but wonder how much you need to grow your current resources before you can support the new technologies, then we can help you figure it out.

We offer services in following areas:

  • Mobile Strategy.
  • Enterprise Mobile Integration.
  • Custom Mobile Solutions.
  • Web apps on Mobile.
  • Mobile Analytics.