Delivery Models

Delivery Models

Marevol evaluates a client needs carefully before determining that a particular delivery model will work the best. Marevol will provide all its services through its proven onsite-offshore model by expert consultants who work as on-site coordinators supported by a highly competent off-shore consultant team.

This team will be guided through a combination of project methodologies, stringent deliverables, quality processes, a well defined communication plan for complete visibility as well as change control mechanism, configuration management and escalation path for handling any contingency. The benefits to the client of the onsite/offshore model are lower costs, more skilled pool of resources in the lab setting, less space and hardware needed for onsite staff.

We listen to our client needs and come to understand the culture in order to ensure that the model we have proposed is the best model for that customer. Where adjustments are needed, we make them. We generally start by trying to understand the goal of each customer engagement and then come up with the right model to help achieve that goal. The goal of our customers ranges from reducing cost, leveraging economies of scale, process improvement, focusing on core capabilities, moving fixed costs to variable, accessing new skills, innovation and quality improvement. Our delivery model broadly falls under one of the following structure:

Ad-hoc Staff Augmentation

  • Marevol agrees to provide specific skills resources to supplement customer personnel
  • Marevol does not take any delivery accountability and consultant works as instructed by the customer

Strategic Out-Tasking

  • Customer keeps control, management and oversight in-house while asking Marevol to perform specific functions
  • Marevol is held responsible for the functions that is provided to them, but does not take responsibility for end-to-end SLA’s

Project Based Outsourcing

  • Customer gives away operational control of the complete project while maintaining control over the business outcomes dependent on the project
  • SLA’s and/or metrics are determined upfront and Marevol is held responsible for those service levels

Managed Services

  • Marevol will take complete responsibility for all aspects of work
  • Enters into a SLA agreement with the customer