Today most organizations are heading forward for collaborated, network-enabled and secured portal solution to share the information’s. The days of email and network share collaboration are over. SharePoint 2010 is the collaboration platform addresses and enhances organizational collaboration needs, such as Document Management, Collaboration, Reporting, Content Management, Records Management and Compliance.

SharePoint empowers individual to build their own solutions, which was traditionally rely on IT to achieve. It be great if you found out that a colleague of yours in different region that you rarely interact with just finished a similar project that you are about to start. SharePoint provides such reusability feature to increase the organizations productivity. Normally a meeting invite may have attachments with the size in huge. After the meeting, MOM items fly back and forth via email with those attachments. SharePoint provides feature to manage documents centrally.

Here at Marevol, we provide a range of services for Microsoft SharePoint with the support of our highly experienced Architects. If your organization has a strategic focus on knowledge management, then we provides you ways that can be used to implement strategy, plus knowledge management which gives you food for thought in developing organizational strategy.